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Story of development

Development story

Dear Sir, Thank you for your interest in Pillsupport. 

These days, the products that we veterinarians have been using during the corona crisis are gradually disappearing from the market. The medication treats often used in hospitals were made in the United States and the ingredients were not clear, but they were popular because they made administration easier. However, it is currently difficult to obtain such products, and the supply of foreign-made products is uncertain at any moment.  

So, can we make safe and secure products in Hokkaido? In collaboration with Japan Premium Co., Ltd., located in Kuriyama-cho, Hokkaido, which boasts the largest dog food production volume in Hokkaido, we have recently completed Pill Support® for medication based on the opinions of producers, manufacturers, and many veterinarians. is ready.  

This pill support is completely made in Japan, and we are particular about using raw materials from Hokkaido. As a product exclusively for dogs and cats, we have reduced unnecessary ingredients as much as possible and improved the viscosity to wrap the medicine, improving its palatability. It is a versatile product that can be given as a treat to treat anorexia as well as medication. 

We hope that this meeting will serve as an opportunity for us to continue to do business with you for many years to come, and we will continue to strive to develop new products that will serve the happiness of everyone involved in veterinary hospitals and those who love pets. Thank you 

January 7, 2023 

Pill Support Development Team  

Development department veterinarian Masamitsu Goto 


About Pillsupport

What is Pillsupport?


​Treats that help you administer prescription drugs and supplements with peace of mind

Not only as a pill support for medication, but also as a low-fat pill support, containing only 3% fat + anti-fatigue amino acid imidazole dipeptide, 136 mg per bag, or about 9 mg per unit (ideal intake 16.5 mg for a 5 kg dog, about 2 tablets is enough to take the daily requirement). It is also very effective in reducing fatigue after exercise. It is also designed to be given as a reward for discipline or as a health-oriented snack when a dog loses appetite.

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How to Give Pillsupport

Salary method

Other Examples

Other examples

Meet the Team

Pillsupport is
​ Veterinarian Dr. Masamitsu Goto
Pet food meister Tamotsu Miura
It is a collaboration product


Veterinarian  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Mr. Masamitsu Goto

 D.VM, Ph.D.


Chairman, 5-ALA Study Group for Dogs and Cats
Vice President, Japan Dog Sledding Federation
Certified Instructor, Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Certified physician of Highly Concentrated Vitamin C Therapy
Certified chelation physician


​ Pet Food Meister


Tamotsu Miura 

Pet Food Meister


Japan's leading pet food meister who has been involved in pet food production and research for over 35 years in the land of Hokkaido, and has been involved in the production of 1174 items from 20 manufacturers for a cumulative total of 118.86 million servings of pet food.



Pill Support is a service provided by


We are a Japanese pet food manufacturer that promises the highest quality pet food by taking in the abundant bounty of nature from the land of Hokkaido, reducing preservatives and additives as much as possible, and using high technology to seal in the rich nutrition and taste of the wild meat itself.

Our Fctory

​Factory introduction

Double checks by in-house and official inspections

We conduct quality inspections based on our own strict microbiological inspection standards, and each item we manufacture is also checked for safety by passing the standards of the Japan Food Analysis Center, an official external inspection organization.

Our Services

​Services offered

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