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  • 💳What can I use for payment?
    Please note that we currently only accept credit card payments. (We plan to support convenience store payments and QR payments in the future, but the timing is undecided) ■For credit card payments You can pay with credit cards of 6 major international brands (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover). Payment fee is free. This site uses the Stripe payment service for non-retention of credit card information, so there is no need to worry about data leakage.
  • ¥💳Can I purchase it as an individual?
    If you don't have a hospital nearby or don't have the opportunity to head out for a house call, you can purchase on our web site, please use the "Family Veterinary Hospital Name" code field with your family veterinary hospital phone number when you register as a member. Registered members can save money with a lottery-style discount coupon at the time of purchase. Please note that in order to reduce shipping costs, the product comes in packs of 40g✕5 bags.
  • ❓What is the difference between brown label and green label?
    1️⃣ Brown Label (current pill support) Characteristics: Designed with an emphasis on viscosity to fit any pill body type along with palatability. Unlike a general nutritional diet adjusted with the minimum necessary ingredients for a daily diet, this product is designed with an emphasis on temporary medication. It is not adjusted for sodium or other mineral components. This product is more viscous than Green Label, so its use is focused on ease of use and preference, regardless of the body shape of the medication or the taste of the medication. 2️⃣ Green Label Characteristics: One of the most important points for animals that require daily medication due to heart disease or chronic illness, or animals that require a high daily dosage of medication, this product has reduced mineral components such as sodium and phosphorus to the level of therapeutic diets for heart and kidney disease (using the recommended levels described in 5th clinical nutrition for small animals), and Brown Label The Brown Label is less viscous than the Green Label, but is designed with ingredients suitable for relatively large amounts of pill support or for long-term administration. Common features of both Brown Label and Green Label products Both products are low in fat, carbohydrates, and digestibility, making them suitable for animals with gastrointestinal disorders. It is weakly acidic at ㏗6.4 and has a high protein content per weight, making it suitable as a sarcopenia countermeasure for aging animals that have lost appetite and muscle mass. How to use We recommend using Brown Label, which emphasizes viscosity and palatability, for general dosing, and Green Label for long-term dosing or for animals concerned about mineral content🐶🐱. Storage Method For storage, Pill Support has a protein content of over 70% and a low carbohydrate content, so it has a high moisture retention capacity and does not dry out easily, so it can be stored refrigerated or frozen. This minimizes deterioration of the product after opening, allowing you to use every last piece of Pill Support without waste.
  • Downloading Invoices
    You can check the products you purchased from "Order History" details in "My Page" on the Pill Support website. You can also view and download the delivery note and invoice in PDF format from the order history details page on the same page. If you have any trouble downloading, please contact us via chat or email. Apology: Due to a system limitation, some parts of the document format are not localized in Japanese. We have submitted a request for improvement to the system provider, but we are unable to confirm when this will be fixed.
  • 💊 Can Pill Support be used for purposes other than medication?
    Yes, you can. This product is for medication​Not only as a pill support, but also as a reward for discipline or as a health-conscious treat when you lose your appetite. can. ​Please consult with your veterinarian regarding use and amount before purchasing.
  • 👤 How do I register as a member?
    Please apply from the "New Member Registration Form". ■If you are a veterinarian, the office will check your application once, so you will be able to use shopping after receiving a notification of the start of use after confirmation. ■If you are an individual, please uncheck the "□Apply as a veterinary hospital" on the screen and register in the same way. If you are an individual member, you can continue shopping.
  • I get sticky on my hands when handling the pill support, is there a better way?
    Basically, it is the same whether it is heated or cooled, and dry fingers will stick even more, but stickiness can be reduced by wetting the fingers.
  • How long before medication is it safe to wrap the medication in treats?
    Even if you wrap the medicine in the pill support, it won't melt. I think you don't have to worry too much about the time when you put the medicine in and store it. However, if you add too much water, the medicine may dissolve inside, so please adjust while observing the condition. Please adjust.
  • 🎦開封後に冷凍保存しているピルサポートを解凍して使う方法の解説
  • 🩹Tips:粉薬の与え方で良い方法はありますか?
    粉薬の給与方法について 1️⃣粉薬を小さく千切ったピルサポートに練り込みます  ※量が多い場合は何個か同様に作ります 2️⃣練り込んだピルサポートの小粒をまとめて新たにピルサポートでくるんで与えます 注意:喉に詰まらせないように、愛犬愛猫の大きさに合わせてピルサポートの団子の大きさを調整してください
  • 😺Is it safe to use it on cats?
    Yes, this product can be used for both cats and dogs. The first batch of this product was labeled "for pet dogs" on the package. However, subsequent feeding tests and ingredient tests have confirmed that the product is safe for use in cats, so the labeling has been changed to "for pet dogs and cats" on the new package.
  • JCVIM 日本獣医内科学アカデミー学術大会ブース展示へピルサポートを出品いたします
    2024年 2月24日、25日 JCVIM日本獣医内科学アカデミー学術大会 年次大会へ「ピルサポート®」を出品いたします。 当日はご来訪の皆様にピルサポートサンプル品をご提供いたします。また、会場にてご購入ご希望の方には特別価格での販売も予定しております。詳しくはブースの係員までお尋ねください。ぜひ、サンプルをお試しいただきピルサポートのポテンシャルをご体験ください。 ご参加の皆様のお越しを心よりお待ちしております。
  • 📝 Pill Support Main Nutrients (per standard package 100g)
  • ❓How much can you use in one bag (40g)?
    One bag contains 40g of pill supports cut into about 15 pieces. When used for once-a-day medication, the contents can be used for about 1 to 2 weeks. *Please store in the refrigerator after opening to maintain quality. When using, under the guidance of a veterinarian, take the weight and size of your pet into consideration, and tear them into pieces of an appropriate size before wrapping them in the medicine.
  • ❓Black discoloration on the surface of the pill support
    Regarding your inquiry about the black discoloration observed on the surface of the pill support Based on the "Latest Foreign Material Contamination Prevention Technology (Revised and Enlarged Edition)," we conducted an inspection and found no bacteria or fungi growing on the surface of the pill support, and since there was no evidence of fungal growth, we assume that the discoloration was not caused by microorganisms. Since there were no adherent materials or foreign substances inside the specimen, it is assumed that some kind of pigment was deposited, but the cause has not yet been identified. Reported by Daiichi Kishimoto Clinical Laboratory We have received a report from Daiichi Kishimoto Clinical Laboratory that there is no problem with the quality of the product itself. Please be assured that there is no problem with the quality of the product itself. The detailed inspection report is available in the PDF file below. We have confirmed that there is no quality problem when the product is stored or frozen. This product is manufactured with minimal oxidizing agents. To prevent oxidation, we recommend that you close the zipper tightly and consume the product as soon as possible after opening the package, and store it refrigerated or frozen.
  • 📄Effects on Urinary pH in Animals
    Urinary stones and crystals in the urinary tract system are said to crystallize and precipitate when there is an excess of soluble wastes and various minerals in the body. In addition, crystallized minerals combine with organic matter stagnant in the urinary tract system to form stones. The pathophysiology of stone formation is completely different depending on the mineral composition of each stone, and the treatment and prevention methods also differ depending on the mineral composition. At this point, urinalysis of animals after administration of Pill Support has not been verified, so we do not know the pH of their urine. Therefore, we are unable to determine the exact effect of Pill Support on the formation of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals. (*For your information, the pH value of Pill Support itself is 6.4, which is slightly acidic.)   Based on the mineral components recommended in Clinical Nutrition for Small Animals (5th edition) for the prevention and dissolution of calcium struvite and calcium oxalate and the mineral composition of our Pill Support, we would like to leave it to the clinical judgment of each doctor whether Pill Support should or should not be used as a supplement to medication for each disease. We would like to leave it to the clinical judgment of each doctor. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that the final decision on the use of Pill Support be made based on the balance between the risks to the condition and the benefits of the use of Pill Support. Translated with DeepL
  • ❓ピルサポートはどのような製品ですか?また、どこでどのように作られていますか?
  • 💊どのくらいの時間でピルサポートがとけてお薬が体内に吸収されますか?
    犬の胃内でのタンパク質の消化速度は、そのタンパク質の種類や犬の消化能力、体調、食事内容などによって変わる可能性があるといわれいます。 一般的に、犬の胃内のpHは1.5~2.5の範囲にあり、かなりの強酸性を意味します。このような酸性の環境ではタンパク質の分解が急速に行われます。 多くのタンパク質は犬の胃で2~4時間以内に分解されると考えられていますが、具体的な時間は前述のような要因によって異なる可能性があります。 ピルサポートが胃の中で溶けて、包んだ薬が胃の中に解放されるまでの時間について私たちも正確な検証は行っておりません。 ピルサポートは水に浸して揉むとすぐ溶けはじめることを考慮すると投薬後それほど時間をかけずに、すぐに溶けて薬が溶け始めるという認識をしております。ピルサポートがバラバラに溶けるまでは予想では30分以内と想定しております。 今後の課題として、試験計画を立てて結果が出ましたら改めてFAQにてご報告したいと考えております。
  • 💡How to Store Pill Support
    When storing Pill Support This product contains a higher ratio of ingredients than most pet foods, so when stored for a long period of time, it may gradually darken in color (the color is light when freshly prepared and gradually becomes darker over time). This product is manufactured with minimal oxidizing agents. To prevent oxidation, please keep the bag tightly closed and consume as soon as possible after opening. Refrigeration or freezing is recommended. We have confirmed that there is no problem with the quality of the product after thawing when stored frozen.
  • 📝ピルサポート グリーンラベル 主な栄養成分(標準パッケージ100gあたり)
  • What are the orange grains in the pill support?
    The orange color is boiled scallop ovaries. The chicken is white, so it may stand out. When mixing raw materials, the mixture may not be 100% uniform, and it is assumed that hard parts such as streaks may appear prominently in some parts of the product, as in this case, but the quality of the product itself There is no problem with , so please feel free to use it.
  • ❓ピルサポートは炎症性腸炎(IBD)がある子でも使えますか?
    鶏肉アレルギーなどなければ、ピルサポートは低脂肪で、低炭水化物ですから理論上は消化器疾患には使用可能であると考えています。実際、私の病院では消化器疾患やIBRの犬、猫の投薬にピルサポートを使用していますが、症状の悪化はなく、むしろきちんと投薬ができるので症状が改善し、とても喜ばれています。また、このような子たちには適当なおやつがほとんどないので、ご褒美でも与えていらっしゃる方も多く大変喜ばれております。 獣医師 獣医学博士 後藤正光
  • 📝ピルサポート 鮭 主な栄養成分(標準パッケージ100gあたり)
  • 🔒 If you want to change your password
    You can reset your password by clicking the Forgot your password? link at the bottom of the login screen. If you are logged in, please log out once and log in again from the attached file Forgot your password? to reset your password
  • 🏥I want to handle new pill support at the hospital
    If you wish to handle Pill Support in your veterinary hospital business, please submit your application using the "Membership Registration Form" on this website. You will not be able to use the shopping cart until we complete the confirmation of your hospital's location at our office. Please wait a moment.
  • To cancel your membership
    If you wish to cancel your membership from the site, please send an e-mail to our office or request for account closure via chat on the website. Please note that even after deleting your account, you can re-register with the same account, but your deleted information cannot be restored.
  • 🔏ログインID(メールアドレス)/パスワードを変更したいのだけど
  • ⚠️ If you have newly registered with Google ID, Facebook ID, Apple ID SSO, please see here
    Newly registered users using SSO (Single Sign-On) with Google ID, Facebook ID, or Apple ID need to submit (hospital/individual) information to the Secretariat using the application form below. Please note that you will not be able to use the shopping service until you receive a confirmation email from our office. After registration, you can use the SSO (Single Sign-On) function using your Google ID, Facebook ID, or Apple ID to skip entering your ID and password when logging in.
  • 🚛How long does it take to receive my order?
    ■Pill Support 5 or 10 bags will be shipped by Japan Post Click Post. Usually, they will be shipped from our company within 3 business days. Delivery will be posted approximately 3 days after receipt at the post office. We will send you an email with the tracking number at the time of shipment, so please use it to confirm the date of arrival. ■ Pill Support 10, 20, and 40 bags will be shipped by Sagawa Express. Delivery will be in accordance with the Sagawa Express delivery schedule. We will send you an email with the tracking number at the time of shipment, so please use it to confirm the date of arrival.
  • ¥💳 If the discount coupon screen does not appear
    First, please reload your web browser. If this does not resolve the issue, please refer to the following and check your web browser settings again. *Discount coupons may not be displayed if your browser's ad blocking function is turned on, or if the settings are turned on. To confirm the settings, please check the cookie and privacy setting information of your web browser once again. *Please note that only logged-in users can issue coupons *If you are using a Microsoft Edge web browser, if the "anti-tracking" function in the settings is set to "strict", coupons, Twitter information, shopping cart functions, etc. may not work properly. Therefore, please change the setting to something other than "Strict" before using. →See attachment or Web reference
  • Why can't I use a discount coupon?
    The same coupon code can only be used once, but a new coupon will be issued by reloading the browser, so please copy and use it again

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